What, where and when

Rechto Cup will take place at the AALBORG STADIONHAL, where we will be playing matches in HAL 1 and HAL 2 as usual.

Aalborg Stadionhal
Harald Jensens Vej 7-9
9000 Aalborg

The tournament schedule 2020 is:
Saturday 1 Feb.:
Hal 1: 08:00 - 15:00
Hal 2: 08:00 - 16:00
Sunday 2 Feb.: Hal 1: 10:00 - 12:30

It will appear from the tournament schedule that all preliminary matches are played in both Hal 1 and 2, whereas all matches in the finals will be played Sunday in Hal 1.

To our sponsors
We want to share our gratitude for your contribution to the Rechto Cup with either sponsor gifts or financial sponsorship. This event has been a tradition for many years and we want it to continue. So again - THANK YOU.

The dinner party

Again this year the Aalborg Stadionhal (HAL 1) makes up the venue for the dinner-party Saturday evening.

Dinner will start at 7.00pm and the following buffet will be served:

Herrings w/bread and butter
(Served at the tables with a beer and a shot)

Smoked Salmon
Shrimps & Mayonnaise
Creamy Hens' salad
Rissole (small pork meatballs)
Creamy Potato salad
Pork Tenderloin with champignon a lá creme
Pasta Salad with pesto
Green salad with dressing
Cake pie v/creme fraiche
2 sorts of cheese w/garnish
Coffee & tea (from separate buffet-tables)



As always "SIGNE & THE SIGNS" will entertain during the dinner and they will of course assist while we all sing the traditional songs. After dinner, expectedly around 9.00pm, "SIGNE & THE SIGNS" will switch repertoire and play a mix of old and new hits, which with no doubt pretty quickly will fill up the dance floor.

When "SIGNE & THE SIGNS" needs a break, the stage will be taken over by our guest DJ, who has promised to do his outmost to ensure the ambience is maintained.

The band and the DJ will play non-stop from 7.00pm until 01.00am, where we will leave the arena for everybody to be ready for the tournament Sunday morning.

Rechto Cup welcomes all participants and hope we all will have a great and enjoyable evening.